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Upcoming Events

April 24th, 2024

LCC Prism is Back! – Join us at our Spring Networking Event, April 24th at 4:30pm

4:30-6pm in Gannon 2214

6:30-8pm- Spare Time Entertainment Center

Past Events

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21 september, 2020

Join felllow Prism members virtually through WebEx with your coffee or morning beverage of choice. This will simply be a time to connect, meet new colleagues, and start off our day socially. 

Spring, 2020

The Center for Teaching Excellence presents…Safe Zone Training Sessions. What is a Safe Zone? A Safe Zone is a person or place where all people can bring their authentic selves and feel safe and welcome. 

june, 2020

Celebrate Pride with Prism. June is Pride Month and we’re going to celebrate all month long! Join us for a Netflix watch party, an online discussion and more!